Sunday, April 15, 2007

Steve's Sunday Compendium of Stuff

Having been too busy to comment on these issues as they arose, I'll hit a few key points today.

  • Scott Bradley is one of the classiest acts I've seen in politics. His concession of the Ottawa Centre federal nomination to Penny Collenette was as instantaneously gracious and supportive as anyone could want. And having spent some time talking with him afterwards, he seems to be completely without bitterness. Thankfully, he's not going anywhere and he's got youth on his side. Ottawa Liberals will remember how he's handled himself the next time around.

  • This is a great move, one that I've been advocating since May first announced she'd run in Central Nova. And despite the chorus of criticism from Liberal bloggers and other commentators, I'm inclined to think it will resonate with Canadians who care more about results than they do about partisanship.

  • The fact that Jack can't come up with anything better than this is more proof that it's a good idea, and that he's justifiably scared. Jack's the one who's got a lot to answer for, having sold out his party's values for a few extra seats and the misguided view that the NDP can or should form government federally. The NDP has served this country best by being the centre's conscience. It's lost sight of that under Jack, but it's traditional supporters haven't, and I think they may be fighting to hang onto official party status when the counting's all done on Election night.

  • I don't imagine Buzz Hargrove will be offering any smooches to Mr. Dion any time soon, which can only be a good thing. The biggest single threat to the Canadian/American auto industry is the CAW and adversarial relationship it perpetuates between the industry's corporate leadership and its labour force. With any luck, Buzz will get kiss and make up with Jack, and help remind Canadians just how weak the NDP's environmental bona fides really are.


Anonymous said...

I voted for Scott and had to leave, but now, cannot find the results, apparently it is not Liberal policy to release them. so much for th new way

Sad to say Penny is yesterdays news, (Chretien) Scott was NEW

Not a good sign

Steve Marsh said...

Both Scott and Penny were/are outstanding candidates with excellent credentials. I'm not sure why Penny's work with Mr. Chr├ętien (a small element of her impressive CV) should take her out of consideration.

The result is that 733 votes were cast and Penny won the majority of them. The margin shouldn't matter, since the objective now is for Ottawa Centre Liberals to come together and support our new candidate towards an election win. But Scott and Penny have the numbers, and if they choose to share them, that's their prerogative.