Saturday, April 28, 2007

Now, if we can just remember who our real opponent is

I know Ottawa's in a bubble, and what goes on here doesn't necessarily reflect the realities across the country, but the mood among Liberals is pretty good in this town right now. I spent last night at a gathering of various staffers and organizers and everyone was feeling pretty pumped about what a good week we had – or at least what a bad week the Conservatives had, which is almost the same thing.

Now, if we're focused and disciplined, we can solidify an effective opposition and peel away the government's carefully constructed façade while simultaneously shining a bright light on the NDP's hypocracy in supporting them. And that's a viable path to forming government again.

But that kind of result doesn't just get created in the leader's office or at 81 Metcalfe. We've got to pull together as a party. All of us.

We have an opponent. His name isn't Stéphane Dion or Michael Ignatieff or Warren Kinsella or Mark Marrisen or Jason Cherniak or Scott Reid.

His name is Stephen Harper.

We win when we work together to defeat his government. There is no other way.

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Anonymous said...

We have three opponents.

Stephen Harper what more can be siad other than that he is a lying liar in the least fine tradition.

Sideshow Jack and his amazing ability to sell his parties soul. In many ways destroying Jack is more important than Harper. Hapers reached the highest he can go. Jack continues to parasite centre left votes, while engaging in a reckless support of right wing policy.

Gilles Duceppe doesn't want our nation to survive. Stealing seats from him is providing strength to our country.