Thursday, April 12, 2007

Belinda, we hardly knew ya

There are lots of reasons to be disappointed about Ms. Stronach's decision to leave politics. We need more strong women in politics, not fewer. She's always carried a star quality that's rare and valuable. And many it will view it as another example of weakness in the Liberal Party.

But most disappointing, I think, is that she was just starting to get good at the actual work of politics.

Politics looks glamourous but it's really not. The hours are long, the pressure is high, the work is often incredibly mundane, it's largely thankless and the pay is a fraction of what one can make in the private sector. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would want to run for office.

So public life struggles to attract and retain the best and the brightest, particularly women, who are perhaps less ego-driven than men (if I can indulge in a gross generalization), Belinda being the exception that proves the rule.

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Amanda Reaume said...

Great post... I agree with you about Belinda, it is disapointing that she's left politics. I'm not too sure about women being less ego-driven then men... but then I probably hang out with a specific set of women myself.

I wrote this morning on Antigone Magazine's blog (Its a magazine for young women about women and politics) about her reception within politics and the way in which the media has treated her as a woman and I think that this is a very intrical part of why there are fewer women in politics. People see the way women are chewed up and don't want to subject themselves to it. There's really no way of winning as a woman... you can chech out my entries...