Monday, April 16, 2007

More on the May/Dion love fest

Good analysis from Susan Riley and Far & Wide. Quite frankly, anyone who thinks making decisions based on your deeply held convictions is a sign of weak leadership needs to go back to school.


rabbit said...

My biggest concern is that Dion and May have used their political clout to make their own ridings easier to win. As such, it just looks like two leaders misusing their powers for their own personal benefit.

Had this horse trading been done in ridings other than Dion's and May's I would have been more impressed.

knb said...

Thanks for that article. It is one of the sanest pieces I've seen on the subject.

Steve Marsh said...

Rabbit, I don't think Mr. Dion really needs the help winning in St. Laurent-Cartierville, but this certainly helps Ms. May win Central Nova, which was exactly the point. It helps Mr. Dion by adding luster to his environmental bona fides, which the Conservatives and NDP have been working hard to tarnish.

But it's not a red-green coalition. It's an honest attempt to get someone with an important voice elected and give the Greens a foot hold in Parliament. I don't see how anyone whose commitment to environmental issues is genuine can be opposed to that, other than for purely partisan reasons.