Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And the winner is?

Okay, the results are in, and my prediction score is 12½. To get that score, I gave myself one point for every correct prediction (including who would stay in place) and ½ a point for everyone who I predicted would move, but where I was wrong about where they went. I also subtracted ½ a point for everyone I predicted would move but didn't.

So who did better? Step up and enter your name into the draw. As Marjaleena pointed out, the MacKay/Orchard agreement was scrawled on a piece of notebook paper, not an envelope, so the winner will receive a genuine copy of that valuable document folded into a pouch and filled with my sofa change, which I've not yet counted, but which I guarantee totals at least a dollar.


Scott Tribe said...

Congrats - I think someone should be giving Don Newman a call and let him know its time for a new pundit. :)

(Or there's always CPAC)

Scott Tribe said...

Actually, on 2nd thought.. forget about Newman. He still is entertaining to watch.

Mike Duffy, however, needs to be put out to pasture. So.. I'm nominating you for his position.