Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Longing for a water cooler

My current role has me working from home, which is not my favourite place to work. Blurs the boundary between professional and personal even further than it already is, and it's isolating. I miss the opportunity for casual interaction with colleagues. But, until this project is finished, it's just me and my cat, Chicken, who's not much a conversationalist and is determined to lick my fingers, which is a decidedly unpleasant sensation. Also it interfreres witg my tyuping.

Maybe it's a grass is greener thing, but I've often met people who fantasized about working from home (which may say something about their fantasy lives), but I'm here to tell you that the novelty of working in your pajamas gets tired really fast.

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cenobyte said...

It can be a godsend if you have to look after someone at home as well; an ailing relative or a brood of curtain-climbers. But you're right, it does blur the lines of personal/professional. It helps to have a separate phone number for your 'home office' (the cell phone) that you can turn off when you're "not at work" (ie, reading a book in the tub), and to design your office so that you're out of the 'main traffic areas' of the house.

And Google Talk is good for those water cooler conversations!

Enjoying your blog.